Now We Are Six

David Novan, Joshua Westbury, Brandon Butterworth and Molly Brown. Photograph by Michael To

The Sci-Fi Gene blog has made it to exactly six years today, and I have been making short films for almost six years. Saturday's screening of Last Zombie Standing at Croydon International Film Festival was a chance to reflect. This is one of my favourite projects from the last six years and I'm proud of what we achieved in that 48 hour period.

Croydon was also a chance to look forward and be inspired: the films on show were diverse but all packed with originality. The prizes were all well deserved - you can find out more about them on the festival website Hard to pick favourites but I particularly enjoyed the winning animation Mend and Make Do by Bexi Bush, Katie Garrett's experimental film combining poetry and dance, and The Cleaners, a mockumentary about the hard-working staff responsible for keeping the ocean floor tidy.

Meanwhile the story goes on - work continues on Reply To All and on the Broken Bird music video. I'm considering projects for next year, possibly including a 3D film, and I enjoyed connecting with filmmakers and film enthusiasts at Croydon - who knows where those connections will lead?


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