2015 has arrived and this year The Sci-Fi Gene has only one, modest New Year's resolution: to achieve total world domination. I promise to be a benevolent dictator and to treat all my subjects equally, although favouring loyal blog followers would not be out of the question.

First progress report:

Domination of the world via Ingress: in my first few days of playing I took control of a small Essex town, activating mind control units between the seven XM portals. I continue to hold this zone thanks to the intervention of some higher-level players and I will be expanding and fortifying it in the New Year. I also took control of a historic water pump elsewhere in Essex and a selection of landmarks in London, including (briefly) Nelson's Column. These portals quickly came under attack by enemy forces and are no longer under my control - for now.

Domination of the music and film industry: work continues on my music video for Ariel Undine's Broken Bird. This project is taking shape and I hope to have a finished or near-finished version ready in the next few weeks. Work also continues on Reply To All, and I am considering a number of new film projects for 2015.

Domination of the blogosphere: The mission continues with sci-fi reviews and reflections, filmmaking and animation, and limericks, or possibly no limericks. 2015 should be an interesting year for sci-fi as Jedi Knights everywhere come to grips with their new crossguard lightsabres - expect a lot of self-inflicted wrist injuries.

Happy New Year!


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